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Erg Chhebi – An Amazing Field of Sand Dunes and Adventure in Desert of Morocco

Erg Chhebi is a great dune field of Morocco offering the real thrill of desert adventure. This magnificent rose-gold field of sand is now considered as a dream desert destination for Morocco tourists. Its ease of access from Marrakech or Fes and convenience of transportation (motorbike, quad, 4WD or camel trekking) has been catering to Morocco desert tour needs of an increased number of tourists, with inflows at its peak during April, May, September and October months keeping tour operators terribly busy. Many luxury camps can be spotted throughout this highly enchanting sea of sand. You need not worry though, as they are mostly meant for your luxury experience of a desert stay in Erg Chhebi, Morocco! Your long seen dream of spending a few nights under the stars in the desert sky, perfectly silent, and oh-so calm Samarian surrounding is still achievable with a choice of staying in a camp in Desert Morocco near Erg Chhebi. With expert planning, an affordable budget and a few exclusive activities, you may soon find yourself to be experiencing the exceptionally scenic Morocco desert. Let’s dig into the Morocco desert Camp features which make them truly special.


Luxury Camps in Desert Morroco – Excellent Décor & Exceptional Hospitality

The beautiful camps in the desert of Morocco not only provides tourists comfortable accommodation during the night but also allow them to experience enchanting landscapes, high sand dunes, ancient Islamic culture, bustling souks & medinas, secret Kasbahs, Nomad life and more. The Sahara desert has lots of avenues and attractions to explore and enjoy on a desert vacation tour for leisure or adventure. A luxury camp in desert Morocco is what often allows tourists to feel the desert up-close and experience it personally. It has great comfort and ambiance inside and is wonderfully decorated outside to ensure tourists a pleasant stay during their tour. From elite carpet on the floor and comfortable beds to party furniture including locally crafted mirrors, bedside tables, and coffee tables, everything can be found in a luxury camp in the desert of Morocco near the Erg Chebbi that would give a feel of rich Arabian ambiance in the mid of the desert. There will be ensuite private bathroom fitted with sink, flush toilet and cold/hot water shower in the desert camp for the utmost comfort of the foreign tourists. It also has comfortable seating options outside to help tourists sightsee the majestic surroundings.


Top Activities That May Inspire You to Stay at a Luxury Camp in Desert of Morocco:

  1. A Mixed Experience of Luxury, Relaxation, and Comfort: – Camping in the desert of Morocco leaves you with a mixed experience of relaxation, luxury, and comfort. With the fall of night and in the absolute silence of the Morocco desert, the star-studded sky becomes an amazing sight to view from the desert camp.
  2. Breathtaking Adventure: – The option of riding a motorbike or 4x4WD on sand dunes will provide you with breathtaking adventure and make your desert camp stay unforgettable.
  3. The thrill of Camel Trekking:- Desert camp stay in Erg Chhebi of Morocco brings the sheer thrill of enjoying camel trekking in the dune passing through the nomadic villages for hours.
  4. A short or long camp with bread and breakfast in desert is an evergreen idea for many travel enthusiasts
  5. Guided Walking Tours & Cultural Tours: – You have a great chance to experience the desert scenery and local culture in the company of a professional guide. Taking nice pictures with nomadic people around will also be among the hot activities during your desert walking or cultural tour.
  6. Evening Sundowners & Entertainment on the Desert Dunes – You can spend great entertaining moments such as having your lunch on the sand dune or seeing the sun going down in the evening etc.


Is it not interesting to stay in tents which can accommodate limited travelers, give good internal décor and beautiful appearance from outside. If you are moving in groups you can imagine how beautiful that tour would be with a camping in the desert.

To make the most of your stay in a camp in the desert of Morocco, consider calling Merzouga Desert Camps at +212 662-344816 or +212 666-367122. It specializes in arranging Morocco desert camps to leave tourists with nothing but optimal luxury and comfort. To make an inquiry about its new offers and options, be sure to connect to Merzouga Desert Camps on FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages and keep update!

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