Why Use a Desert Camp in Erg Chebbi?

posted on 17 May 2016 23:51 by merzougadesertcamps

The desert of Morocco offers tourists fascinating landscapes, historic Islamic culture, medieval souks & medinas, towering sand dunes, hidden kasbahs, Berber villages and more. It has plenty of avenues to get explored on a leisure vacation or an adventurous holiday. A luxury camp in desert Morocco is an important place that tourists should think of staying in  during their desert tour. It has colourful design and wonderful exterior decoration to provide pleasant and comfortable accommodation to tourists. From exclusive carpet on floor and spacious beds to artistic furniture (local styled mirrors, coffee tables, bedside tables), everything is available in a luxury desert camp in Erg Chebbi to create a rich ambiance in the middle of the Morocco desert. Each camp is installed with ensuite private bathroom where westerners can have sink, flush toilet and shower with cold and hot water. It also has outdoor chairs  in order to allow tourists to sit and sightsee the spectacular landscapes around.


The rare view of two of Morocco’s great dunes i.e Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga can be best experienced by tourists when they stay in any luxury camps in desert Morocco. In the comfortable setting of the camp, they can get a true feel of luxury while getting the opportunity to meet nomadic Berbers living in this hot and harsh area for centuries. There is nothing like enjoying a camel trek from Erg Chebbi dunes to Erg Zniqu dunes and spending a memorable night in desert Camp in Erg Chebbi. In addition to drinks and meals, return trek is included in the luxury desert camp tours in Morocco in order to save tourists from further expenses.


Tourists always have the option to book one day, two day or three day stay in the desert camp in Erg Chebbi for enjoying the magnificence of the golden sand dunes and the ultra clear desert skies. Be it is their decision to spend the nighttime in Erg chebbi desert camp and feel relaxed to the pace of nomadic life and music, ride a camel, sit in silence to enjoy the beauty of a dune, see the sunset or wait for the sun to rise above the beautiful desert landscape, everything can be done without losing luxury or comfort.



Desert Camp Morocco’s desert camp in Erg Chebbi is available with the best offers and at the best prices to make your tour to Moroccan Sahara  an unforgettable one. Every package is designed carefully so that tourists can relax and experience the best nomadic luxury in a desert camp in Morocco.

For a luxury experience of Morocco desert camping, check out the desert camp in Erg Chebbi of Desert Camp Morocco online.

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